Adrian Quesada


Born in 1968, Adrian grew up in a family of nine children on a banana plantation located in the northern part of Costa Rica. As a child, Adrian liked to swim in the river, walk through the forest and collect plants and insects. These experiences got him interested in nature – especially ecology. A basic understanding of English helped Adrian get jobs in the tourist industry. As a guide, he improved his English and his understanding of nature. Adrian has been a guide for more than 20 years.

As the banana industry supported Adrian’s family, he understands the importance of the industry and balances that experience with Costa Rica’s focus on protecting the environment, the economy and biodiversity. “This showed me that balance or sustainability is very important. This is what I want our visitors to take away with them – whatever we do, do it responsibly, take care of nature and respect people,” says Adrian.

“EcoTeach is an important part of my life; I have been working for them for 16 years (the age of my daughter). They have helped me a lot, trained me to be a better guide, but most importantly, a better person. In this job I’ve had the chance to travel around Costa Rica, parts of Central America and the USA … and learn about people’s lives. Travel is important because it gives one the chance to see life from different perspectives, understand other’s needs and customs and appreciate all kinds of people and this beautiful gift life,” says Adrian.

Adrian lives with his wife Maria Elena and children Kennya and Ian in Guapiles. When he’s not guiding, he likes to swim, run, play soccer, read, Google everything, and spend time with his family. If he weren’t a guide, Adrian would like to be a musician and play drums in a band.