Adrian Salas


Adrian was born in 1983 and is an only child. He was raised by his mother and has many cousins who are like brothers and sisters. He grew up in Rio Frio, Sarapiqui, a place surrounded by banana plantation fields. “I had a lovely childhood playing free and running through the banana plantations on the cable transportation – basically doing zip line before it was invented. I swam in the rivers and biked with my trouble-maker friends,” says Adrian. These days, Adrian spends his free time with a good book, watching movies, listening to music, and enjoying nature.

Guiding since 2002, he loves nature in general with a focus on animal behavior, nature walks, and birdwatching – it’s his passion! Being a tour guide has helped him develop a lot of skills and knowledge in many different areas. As a guide, he likes to share an “OoO” approach with his groups. OoO means obstacle or opportunity, and is a lens through which you can see every moment of your life.

“Traveling is my school of learning, and I enjoy it so much. I think it’s important because it shows people reality, makes people understand the world, teaches people, encourages and challenges people for good, touches them in so many different ways. People learn about themselves too!” says Adrian.