Humberto Lopez


Humberto was born in 1968 and grew up in the town of Guadalupe in a family or five. His favorite hobby – his passion – is biking. If Humberto isn’t working you can usually find him on his bike!

Humberto has been guiding for almost 20 years. He loves history and is interested in the indigenous people of Costa Rica – their past and what the future holds for them. He also loves nature in general, the flora, fauna and what can be learned from them. He also enjoys comparing the behavior of plants and animals in different climates. If Humberto was not a guide, he might be working as a marine biologist. He would love to see the Great Barrier Reef and is sad that Australia is so far away!

“The number one idea I want to share with travelers is climate change, nothing is like yesterday and we have a sick planet. If we don’t do anything now, tomorrow is going to be too late. Travel is important because it changes our point of view about people, culture, religion, politics, history and nature,” says Humberto.