Jennifer Mora


Jenny was born in 1989 and raised in San Miguel de Puriscal surrounded by nature and peace. She is the oldest of 4 sisters, and to her “family is the most important thing in this life, we are very close”. When she isn’t guiding she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, Zumba!, and exploring new places in Costa Rica. She loves to learn, loves nature in general, and has a passion for animals, especially birds and amphibians. Today she lives in the community of Mastatal and focuses time and energy on operating and growing the Finca Siempre Verde project.

Jenny was inspired to become a guide from an experience traveling with students visiting Costa Rica: “When I was 17 years old, I had the chance to have a trip with some North American people from University of Washington, and I realized how interesting it would be in the future to be with people like them, traveling around the country showing them everything that I know; to share with different cultures. I fell in love with the English language and since that time I started learning every day, first by myself and some years later I started my career in Sustainable Tourism at the Universidad  Tecnica Nacional…I love what I do , especially because I live in a place where nature surrounds me and I can offer my services in my own  town.”

Why is travel important? “It’s a good way of learning about everything, culture, nature — it’s a way to educate yourself, and get immersed in an adventure. Traveling helps to open your mind to different situations in life.” Jenny looks forward to the day she can travel to the United States to visit some of the schools and students that have traveled with her…and to seeing snow for the first time!