Rocio Vargas


Born in 1974, Rocio lives in the village of San Jeronimo located in central Costa Rica. Rocio lives with her younger sister and nephew, who she describes as her “greatest treasure.” Her ancestors were among the first families to inhabit San Jeronimo and the Castro surname is very common there.

Rocio loves being a tour guide as she likes to meet new people and experience new places. She has worked in various aspects of tourism since 1998. In her work as a guide, Rocio is especially interested in birds and mammals, and loves turtles. She is also interested in anything that relates to Costa Rica’s indigenous cultures.

Rocio is dedicated to making sure travelers have positive experiences during their time in Costa Rica. “I believe traveling and seeing other places allows you to experience a combination of ideas, feelings and experiences. It’s a cultural exchange that gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge as a person,” says Rocio.

Travel is one of Rocio’s hobbies, and she’s traveled and experienced different cultures all over the world. Her dream is to visit India and see glaciers in South America. She also likes to read books and watch movies when not spending time with family or guiding. If she weren’t working as a tour guide, she would be working in environmental education with children.