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Herencia Verde specializes in educational trips that focus on authentic learning experiences where you are able to immerse yourself in the Costa Rican culture. All of our programs are fully customized and exclusive to each customer needs.




Why Teachers Love Our Costa Rica Expeditions

Our carefully crafted expeditions in Costa Rica go beyond traditional education, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and nurturing independence in students.

Embrace new cultures, broaden perspectives, and create lasting impact.

Foundations of Exceptional Educational Journeys

1. Initial Connection

- Open Minds to New Perspectives
- Feel Safe and Confident
- Develop a Sense of Belonging

2. Real-Life Experience

- Secure Interaction Experiences
- Embrace Cultural Authenticity
- Support Local Communities

3. Micro and Macro Reflection

- Reinforce Acquired Knowledge
- Reflect on Daily Achievements
- Analyze Overall Trip Impact on Costa Rican Culture

Clients who enjoy the exprience

We build lasting partnerships with teachers to craft adventures perfect for their learning objectives. This is not a typical tropical vacation—it’s a life-changing expedition designed to open eager minds.

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Our Programs

Herencia Verde specializes in authentic educational experiences that immerse you in Costa Rican culture, ecology, and conservation. All our programs are fully customized to your specific needs.

Research & Education:

Herencia Verde Makes Learning Fun!

We connect you with natural environments and authentic cultural experiences in Costa Rica. Our itineraries are full of hands-on activities, including saving sea turtles, volunteering at a wildlife rescue center, working on a sustainable farm, and assisting at a scientific research center. We carefully select locally owned and operated projects focused on conservation and education— projects that truly matter to the local communities we visit. You also have the opportunity for Spanish language immersion, cultural exchange with homestays and visits to indigenous communities, and service projects at local schools. Traveling with Herencia Verde will be life-changing!

Cultural programs

To know the culture of Costa Rica is to know the people of Costa Rica, and Herencia Verde designs one-of-a-kind experiences that let you learn about how Costa Ricans live day-to-day. Experience the art and history of the Boruca, one of our indigenous communities. Wake up early with your homestay family to milk the cows. Learn about organic farming and taste fresh coffee or pineapple as you have never tasted before. As you travel the country, we will provide even more opportunities for you to engage with local residents: shop in the town square, talk with the fruit vendor along the roadside, and enjoy other real-life experiences with your guide!


Go on an adventure and learn while doing it! Herencia Verde always blends education with every activity. For instance, while whitewater rafting, you will learn about the exotic plant and animal life you will see, how rafting contributes to conservation, and why it is important to the planet. While on a canopy zip line tour, you will discover what happens high up in the rainforest treetops – it is where more than half of all rainforest life exists.

You can add these activities to any program that we offer. Have fun, and keep learning!

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