Las Tortugas - The Turtle Station

Maybe you have seen endangered animals in zoos or on TV, but how often have you encountered one in the wild … and had a chance to save it? Estación Las Tortugas is a sea turtle nesting project that protects critically endangered leatherback sea turtles from illegal poaching and helps their recovery nationally and internationally. At the Turtle Station, on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, you will work with a team of biologists on various projects. This work might include conducting population studies, tagging turtles, transplanting eggs to protected areas, or releasing hatchlings into the ocean. You might also help build hatcheries or clear the beach of debris to make it easier for turtles to nest. Work on these projects has helped create a dramatic increase in nesting female turtles each year. For many of our travelers, working with sea turtles is a life-changing experience!

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